Women Advancing the Health of People and the Planet

MindClick rates the environmental and social impacts of manufacturers and their products, empowering organizations to produce better, specify better, and buy better. Committed to continuous learning, empathy and transparency, the team at MindClick is grounded in a culture that encourages empowerment, and advocacy.  Our diverse team brings expertise in sustainability and healthcare, hospitality, the food […]

Personal Experiences as Women In Healthcare

Women in Healthcare, as an organization, is “committed to providing women in the healthcare industry with the community and tools needed to prosper and to allow them to have a seat at the table they want to be seated.” Over the past few years, female colleagues from across SSR have been increasingly drawn to this […]

LeadHERship – Women’s History Month 2021

Women In Healthcare is wrapping up our celebration of Women’s History Month. While women’s history hasn’t always been pretty, it is rich with inspiring female role models, advocates and pioneers for change and equality. As an organization founded on the principals of equity, diversity, and inclusion, we wanted to celebrate these women throughout history as […]

Mentorship Resources

Description: These articles are resources provided by, but not produced by the Mentorship Committee at Women in Healthcare. These resources are available to all members, and provide solid reading on the 2 topics which comes to the minds of highly educated curious professionals. Article 1: My Mentor, My Self: Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Similarity in […]


By Stacy Hooper, Nathan Kottkamp and Nate Lykins, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP The end of surprise billing is certain to be a blessing for patients, but for providers, insurers and employers, it could result in significant compliance hassles. Intended to address the persistent problem of balance billing patients for the costs of services […]

Farewell 2020; Hello 2021!

“Tough times never last, but tough women do –Especially when we stand together.” While 2020 certainly dealt its blows, Women In Healthcare has much to be thankful for and celebrate. What started as one woman’s vision to lift up and bring together a community of underrepresented, yet exceptional women has grown into an international organization, […]

LeadHERship Special Edition: Anti-Anxiety & Relaxation

Many of us are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. An American Psychological Association survey showed that 70% of adults are experiencing high stress, and this may well last for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. You may be worried about how you can work when you feel so distracted or anxious. With so much […]

LeadHERship Special Edition: LISTEN. EDUCATE. ACT. CHANGE.

Women in Healthcare is an organization founded on the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We stand as allies in the condemnation of discrimination and racism. As allies, we support Black Lives Matter and societal change. Since our incorporation, we have conducted and engaged in thought-provoking dialogue around diversity and equality. We have spent the […]

Journaling to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Writing is a powerful and surprisingly accessible tool to bring insight, growth and change to light. It’s been said that you write in order to learn how to think. Journaling grants us the time needed to think and straighten out our most tangled thoughts. I’ve been journaling for the last 30 years. My methods have […]

LeadHERship: COVID-19 Special Edition

The past several weeks have marked an unprecedented time in our history. Many of us find ourselves working remotely, sheltering-in-place, and socially distanced from our friends, our family, and our peers and colleagues. There are also many who are working on the front lines serving those who are unwell, fighting this virus, and searching for a […]