Top 10 Reasons To Join:

  • Participation in a diverse community of women in the healthcare industry.
  • Access to educational programming from around the country.
  • Unique networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Rich mentorship opportunities through our chapter mentorship programs.
  • Access to the member’s only content through our resource library.
  • Access to members-only events and programs such as, Executive Round tables, National webinars and Training.
  • Access to a variety of programs and events at discounted rates such as: the Female Leadership Summit, project and facility tours, and yearly programming.
  • Access to chapter members across the county to encourage in dialogue and knowledge share of best practices.
  • Copy of WIH newsletter with articles relating to healthcare in your region and across the country.
  • Opportunity to give back to the local community through community participation.


Have questions regarding membership? Please reach out to us at [email protected] and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

Important Update

Starting on July 9, 2021, WIH launched a new member’s platform within our website. If you are a current member, your membership will not renew until you log in for the first time and update your payment information on that new platform.

We are really excited to share this new community with you where you can connect with members from across the organization, search for careers, create conversations and so much more! If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

Membership Dues & Types

  • Associate Membership Dues are $150
  • Individuals who are employed by a hospital, government or non profit are eligible for a $50 discount.
  • Students and Young Professionals, defined as one who is currently enrolled in and attending an undergraduate or graduate-level course or a professional with no more than three years in the healthcare industry, are eligible for a $75 discount.
  • Subscriber, Subscribe to the chapter newsletters and receive a 30 day trial in the members only community with limitations.
  • Industry Council (IC) Memberships are for organizations that are committed to the WIH mission and seeing organizational change to help break down the barriers to prevent women from advancing in organizations. You can read more about the IC here. Organizations on the council pay $5000 a year, for a two year commitment to help advance our industry.

Questions about Membership?

For questions about WIH membership, please reach out to our National Membership Director at [email protected]

Who is eligible for membership?

Women in Healthcare is open to all women across the entire healthcare industry. All levels of experience and specialties encouraged.


The Fine Print

  • Membership is active for one year from the time you pay your dues.
  • In order to continue taking full advantage of membership, you must complete payment before 30 days past your renewal date or your membership will be canceled.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If you wish to cancel the renewal of your membership after your year there is a 30 day grace period for refunds after your membership has renewed, after the 30 days refunds will not be issued.
  • Memberships are enrolled in auto-billing. Auto-billing can be turned off in your membership profile after completing payment.


Group Discounts

For organizations interested in sponsoring 15 of more women within their organization the following discounts apply:

Category 15 Memberships Additional Memberships
General Associate Firms $1500 $100.00
Hospital, Government or Non Profit Organizations $1200 $75.00
Colleges or Universities $750 $50.00


If an organization wishes to utilize the group membership discount, they will need to be connected to National at [email protected]. To better navigate this process, National will ask that the group membership organization to complete this form and submit it with their email, Group Membership Discount Members List.

For Individuals who are currently members that are included in the group membership:

These members will receive an email from National that a credit has been issued to their next invoice courtesy of their organization. No action will be needed by the individual.

For Individuals who are new members that are included on the group membership:

These individuals will be provided a code and instructions from National on how to register and set up their profile courtesy of their organization’s group membership. They will still be required to submit a membership applications form.

Group Membership Renewal:

Continuation of these memberships at a discount would be contingent on the organization’s renewal of the group membership. Should the organization renew, submission of the “Group Members List” would be required again at renewal to ensure the correct members are covered each year. Should the organization choose not to renew, these individuals would receive an invoice for the amount of their full membership.

Member Testimonials

“I so appreciate that this organization exists. I was in need of mentorship and role models interested in shaping our own empires to be more mindful and inclusive. I was in awe of the women who shared their experiences through the Black Perspectives in Healthcare webinar. I look forward to learning and connecting through the amazing content and resources Women In Healthcare offers.”
“A diverse, intelligent group of women from all different sectors of the healthcare industry that are willing to help, educate and connect.”
“Women in Healthcare has provided a safe space to ask questions about anything related to healthcare – the industry, mentorship, and careers.”
“I started my new career May of 2019. I joined and attended some of the in person networking events and built relationships that have helped me grow my business. I LOVE this group and would highly recommend it to any woman in healthcare. We have to stick together :)”
“The greatest impact has been the amazing support of the network during these unprecedented times! The compassion and authentic commitment to caring for others in such selfless ways is incredible. It is an honor to be associate with such amazing women!”
“I love the interaction with members and speakers. One of the best conversations I’ve had recently was with a speaker from DC -without WIH I never would have had the opportunity to meet her, learn from her and share ideas.”
“I’ve connected with both a local and national community of women aligned in the mission to provide mutual support of one another within an organization committed to providing high-value content and experiences to its members.”
“I love WIH! From the first networking event I have felt welcomed by this community and when I attended the Black Perspectives in Healthcare panel discussion I was blown away with how relevant this group is with regard to the topics affecting us today both professionally and personally.”
“This organization is a great place to mingle with similar-minded women and learn about important, relevant topics. I am not the most outgoing person when networking, and I am more at ease at Women in Healthcare events than anywhere else.”
“This is such a great group of women who let down their walls, discuss vulnerabilities and encourage one another. I couldn’t be more pleased or blessed to be a part of this group!”
“Women in Healthcare has really allowed me to find deeper meaning in the work that I do knowing that I’m surrounded by a wonderful network of women I can lean on. It’s been a great experience so far!”
“I belong to other women’s groups, but this one has really had a community feel that makes me comfortable opening up and expressing thoughts and ideas.”
“Women in Healthcare has changed my career and my life. I never dreamed of being able to meet so many women in this industry in such short amount of time (~3 years). WIH has given me the resources and confidence to become a leader in Healthcare. I have learned from others’ perspectives through many educational programs. I have been connected with several mentors through formal mentoring programs and while working on the Board. I look forward to continuing to be a part of such an amazing organization.”
“WIH is an outstanding group of women–I can’t say enough! The events are relevant, professional and delightful to attend. Also, many friendships have come from the group–excellent for our minds and spirit!”

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