Many of us are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. An American Psychological Association survey showed that 70% of adults are experiencing high stress, and this may well last for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

You may be worried about how you can work when you feel so distracted or anxious. With so much happening right now – between the pandemic, the election, and all that is at stake – it can be difficult to focus. There is a high risk of falling into depression and increased anxiety.

One of Women In Healthcare’s pillars is self-care. Especially now, it is important to recognize that you may need to take some time for yourself, to set up your days to be balanced, to build in some stress reduction, and to equip yourself with various ways to do so. Below are some tips and resources we’ve collected to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

Take care of YOU, and be well.

Free Resources & Information

7 Steps to Alleviating Anxiety The physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, such as feeling tense or having trouble concentrating, can be so uncomfortable that they cause behavioral changes.

You are Not AloneAnybody else feeling stressed and anxious? You are not alone.

Useful Wellness and Mental Health AppsApps recommended by UCSF Weill institute for Neurosciences, many, of which are shown to be effective in evidence-based research.

Best Anxiety Apps of 2020 – List of Healthline magazine’s top iPhone and Android apps to help you manage anxiety

Presidential Election Anxiety and the Role of Psychiatry – With partisan political warfare, civil unrest, and the presidential race, how can we assess and address “election anxiety”

Managing Political Stress in 2020 – How to maintain balance and use media wisely.

WIH Member Resources

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The following guided meditations are led by Suzanne Bond, an advanced mindfulness meditation practitioner. Each is designed to help you find balance and refocus.
Meditation: Cultivating Gratitude and Joy

Meditation: Cultivating Focus 

Meditation: Body Scan and Relaxation

The following meditations and workshop are led by Denise and Michael of Alchemy. 

Meditation: Letting Go of Things Out of Our Control

Meditation: Acceptance and Grace

Beyond Mindfulness Workshop– Focus on going deep into your heart, so you can experience the difference between being in the head vs. heart.