We are committed to providing women in the healthcare industry with the community and tools needed to prosper and to allow them to have a seat at the table where they want to be seated. The women on the advisory board share our passion and focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity for women in healthcare. These members are guiding consult and oversight for the board. These members must hold executive seats in their organization. Their experience and knowledge will help to drive the mission of the organization forward. Learn More about the benefits of the Advisory Board here.

Advisory Board Members

  • Gayle Capozzalo

    Advisory Board Member

    Executive Director, The Equity Collaborative

  • Catherine Cristofalo

    Advisory Board Member

    Sr Vice President, Jefferson Health

  • Dr. Burnette Williams

    Advisory Board Member

    Chief Equity Officer, MUSC

  • Airica Steed

    Advisory Board Member

    CEO, Metro Health

  • Jill Johnson

    Advisory Board Member

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Saratoga Hospital

  • Jason Woo

    Advisory Board Member

    Senior Consultant/Medical Officer, Mindset4Results

  • Dr. Cathleen Wheatley

    President, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

  • Lenetra King

    Managing Director and Culture Strategist. Watch Me EXCEL

Join the Advisory Board

There is a limit of 10 seats available for the Advisory Board and once a position becomes available, an individual can either be nominated or apply to fill the vacant spot. These individuals serve 2 year terms and are passionate about the mission and vision of WIH and lending their expertise to achieve that mission.

The individuals in this role should be ones who are in an executive level position within a healthcare organization, may have previously served as a Women In Healthcare board Chair, or is the owner and operator of their own business. The position is suited for Individuals with tenured experience in the industry, a strong network and a passion and vision for the organization.

For more information please contact Women in Healthcare, Inc.