MindClick rates the environmental and social impacts of manufacturers and their products, empowering organizations to produce better, specify better, and buy better. Committed to continuous learning, empathy and transparency, the team at MindClick is grounded in a culture that encourages empowerment, and advocacy.  Our diverse team brings expertise in sustainability and healthcare, hospitality, the food industry, the design world, health & wellness, the military, conflict resolution, and data science.  We share a love of adventure, the outdoors, and a commitment to solving the greatest challenges facing our world.


Recently named to the 2021 Environmental+Energy Leaders 100 List, CEO  JoAnna Abrams, along with her team of 95% women, is producing the ratings, data and analytics organizations need to demonstrate ESG (environmental, social and governance)  leadership.  

The supply chain is responsible for over 85% of an organization’s carbon footprint. Having led R&D, product development, data analytics, and marketing in her career spanning consumer products, automotive, entertainment, technology, hospitality, and financial and legal services, JoAnna intimately understands the connection between the products used throughout our daily lives and their impact to the health of people, and the planet. “The choices we make have the opportunity to promote or detract from our health and wellness. By empowering decision makers with an understanding of the environmental and social impact of their choices, we can make real progress in the decarbonization of our economy.” – JoAnna Abrams, CEO

FACT: If healthcare were a country, it would be the 12th largest contributor of carbon emissions.


Jennifer Moore brings her personal values of healthy relationships; beauty and goodness; nature as a teacher; curiosity; open-mindedness; and the right to thrive, into her work at MindClick every day. Passionate about advancing preventative medicine, resiliency and environmentally responsible practices, Jen has diverse experience within the medical, health and wellness industries. 

“I have worked in hospitals since I was 16. In my early 20’s I became a Respiratory Therapist. It was there that I saw close-up the impact the environment has on our heart and lungs. As my passion to help people and the planet evolved, I focused on preventative medicine to help manage unnecessary health risk and inspire resiliency. 

Reflecting on all my time working in hospitals, sadly I have seen the unnecessary medical waste skyrocket. I am inspired by the many hard working healthcare workers who are willing to be a disruptor and challenge the standard “norm” “ – Jennifer Moore, Director, Business Development

FACT: “Over the course of a building’s lifespan, the carbon footprint of its interiors will equal it not exceed that of the structure’s construction. Add medical and surgical products and the impact is staggering.”


Sarah’s personal journey navigating through the Healthcare system and its community has shaped her choices to make a career within Healthcare design.

“I was first introduced to the Healthcare industry in my adolescence.  As a regular patient suffering from chronic issues, I experienced first-hand the effect interiors can have on mental health and recovery, while simultaneously observing the impact to those connected to my care. I decided then that I wanted to design these spaces better so the next child, nurse, and family would not feel as I did.

After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design with a focus on Healthcare environments, and a passion for FF&E, my career highlights included designing facilities for Equinox Fitness Headquarters in NYC, as well as for NYU Langone Health, where I helped create the first Green standard guidelines for all furniture and finishes. This cemented my understanding of the importance material selection has on the health of patients, staff and clients. I believe environments should inspire, support, and empower people—unifying design concepts with innovative, environmentally-conscious materials to enhance both the environment and the user.

In late 2018, I experienced these spaces in a new way when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. As a Healthy Materials Advocate, it is  clear to me how the materials surrounding us can have a long term impact on our health and well being. We have an obligation to our present and future selves, to select from manufacturers that source sustainable materials, and use ethical means of manufacturing to make better products that are healthier for our planet.  

Now as the Director of Healthcare Interiors at MindClick, I’m working closely with Healthcare Leaders in the Built Environment nationwide to support their sustainability initiatives through Design for Health™. They expect the social and environmental impact to be factored into specification decisions, and in turn are  asking their design teams to make it happen. These brands, owners, and management companies are committed to designing for health in support of people and the planet and I’m here to assist them on that journey.”

FACT:  “Every 7-10 years a healthcare facility undergoes renovation. With too many of these interior furnishings ending up in a landfill.”


MindClick is proud to support Sarah McNally as a 2021 recipient of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship along with her new role on the Board of Directors as National Programs Co-Chair.  We are confident of the impact she will make with the Women in Healthcare Organization.

“What excites me the most about the WIH community is the abundance of experience, knowledge, and wisdom that I now have exposure to by being a member. As I step into my new role as National Programs Co-Chair I’m looking forward to making new connections, providing leadership, receiving mentorship, and supporting my Healthcare community.” – Sarah McNally, Director, Healthcare Interiors

MindClick, a global product intelligence company, empowers industry leaders worldwide to make climate, health, and equity a standard part of the purchasing decision process through impact ratings and analytics.  Healthcare providers and their facilities, design and construction, and supply chain teams use MindClick’s integrated environmental and social impact data and technology to advance their ESG leadership. With impact data and analytics from over 500 suppliers and 150,000+ products, MindClick’s solutions are providing transparency to improve health equity, workforce diversity and environmental sustainability.