Description: These articles are resources provided by, but not produced by the Mentorship Committee at Women in Healthcare. These resources are available to all members, and provide solid reading on the 2 topics which comes to the minds of highly educated curious professionals.

Article 1: My Mentor, My Self: Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Similarity in Mentoring Relationships examines the antecedents and outcomes of perceived similarity in mentoring relationships. These findings suggest the importance of perceived similarity to not only mentoring relationships, but also to organizations. 

Article 2: Career benefits associated with mentoring for mentors: A meta-analysis focuses on the benefits of mentoring for “Mentor”. We all know and talk about mentee’s career development and growth. Recent mentoring research acknowledges that mentors also receive substantial benefits from mentoring. The study supports mentoring as reciprocal and collaborative, and not simply beneficial for mentee.