At Women in Healthcare we continue to meet phenomenal women who are making an impact and Leanne Meier is no exception. Leanne is passionate about providing information and education to nurses today and in the future. Her weekly radio show Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse has a dedicated audience of nearly 80,000. She is an engaging and sought-after public speaker dedicated to the advancement and well-being of Nursing! Leanne’s extensive experience includes 17 years of management experience, teaching staff how to deal with conflict resolution. She also consulted with and mediated conflicts between managers, employees, teams and individuals.

Through her podcast Leanne brings together nurses to share their experiences, professional or personal, and inspire conversation on health and nursing-related topic. “Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing” is broadcast live every Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel.

WIH and Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse have partnered together to help promote the professional development of women in the healthcare enviroment. You can listen to Leanne’s podcast featuring Women in Healthcare with the link below.