Danielle Karavedas, MBA
National Board – Treasurer

Johns Hopkins Health System
Director, Facilities Design + Construction

For our first Member Spotlight, we are highlighting Danielle Karavedas, longtime WIH member and current national board Treasurer. 

Danielle dreamed of being a kindergarten teacher. However, after a not-so-great student teaching stint and long conversations with a good mentor, her classroom days were over. While her trajectory into healthcare may not have been planned, she has built a 20+ year career in healthcare construction that allows her to positively impact the lives of her community in a meaningful way each and every day.

Danielle’s tenacity has allowed her to take advantage of numerous opportunities, as evidenced by her climb from receptionist to the Director of Design and Construction for the Johns Hopkins Health System. If you haven’t already noticed, she enjoys a challenge – so her process driven mind thrived in project management.

Danielle’s work at Hopkins has run the gamut from small scale renovations to the completion of a 1.5 million square foot replacement hospital. She feels fortunate to have joined the industry during a time of significant growth, and adds “the great thing about healthcare construction is there is no monotony; you are constantly adapting, evolving and challenging the status quo to achieve the best outcomes.”

When she isn’t handling day-to-day work logistics, she’s sharing her gifts with her kids’ school. From serving on the events and fundraising board to coaching sports, she is an active volunteer and community member. 

We feel fortunate to be able to count Danielle as one of our own since the inception of the organization in early 2016. She has been a part of our growth from a small D.C. chapter to a national organization with industry recognition and a reputation for quality content. When we ask Danielle, why Women in Healthcare? – the response comes quickly, “it is refreshing to be surrounded by an empowering group of women who are genuinely eager to help one another shatter glass ceilings.” Danielle feels excitement about what is on the horizon for the organization, and we share the same sentiment.