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Industry Council Overview

Join the Women in Healthcare (WIH) Industry Council (IC) to foster the interchange of ideas between women in the industry and the organizations that support them.

Mission of the IC:

The Women in Healthcare industry council is an industry wide resource group, brought together to provide personal, professional, and corporate growth, develop methods and tools to enhance gender equality, and make a difference in healthcare.

Companies on the industry council share our passion and focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity for women in healthcare. Companies are invited to join the Women in Healthcare Industry Council and financially support the vision, mission, and educational outreach of the organization. Members of the council work across healthcare industries, bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to help identify obstacles to women achieving their full potential and equip women and men to drive meaningful change through research and dialogue.

WIH Organizational Benefits:

  • An industry wide peer resource group for personal, professional, and corporate growth.
  • Five (5) complimentary individual At Large memberships for Women in Healthcare with one designated as the council representative.
  • Additional Women in Healthcare memberships at a discounted rate.
  • An appointed representative for the organization on the Women in Healthcare Industry Council Board
  • Recognition on WIH national website with link to organization.
  • Recognition at the annual national Summit and participation in annual roundtable with national board, advisory board, and other council members.
  • Complimentary virtual exhibit space for the Summit.
  • A representative’s seat at the quarterly Advisory Board meetings
  • Free Job Bank Postings
  • Women in Healthcare Industry Council Member emblem to be displayed on firm’s website, email signature and LinkedIn profile.
  • Company name on intellectual collateral produced during time of service.
  • Council member social media content shares.
  • Access to organizational leadership and top leaders in the industry

The Business Case for joining the Industry Council.

90% of Fortune 500 companies have internal resource groups. Corporate resource groups create a space for complex conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion and are an opportunity for solutions. Women in Healthcare is harvesting that power to create an Industry Resource Group, where we can have conversations and leverage best practices from across the healthcare industry around DE&I.

Why is this important? The pandemic hit women in the workplace hard. Even before 2020, women in healthcare leadership were slowly growing, up to about 23-28%, but women remained drastically underrepresented. The pandemic is anticipated to set women back exponentially, as many as two million considering leaving the workforce (McKinsey). The grossly disproportional numbers of women in the healthcare workforce, close to 80%, and the healthcare leadership, roughly 20%, proves that the pipeline of women run deep, but there are barriers along the way. (Modern Healthcare).

Having an equitable workforce is not just about getting diversity in seats, it also provides major benefits and results to a workplace. Research has shown that a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce will increase an organizations ability to adapt, think innovatively, recruit and retain talent and clients, and are ultimately better problem solvers and decision makers.

Participation in the IC ensures your organization the voice and visibility in this powerful movement. Organizations who give their time to the IC’s mission and goals are signaling to their current and future employees, clients, and the healthcare industry that you are committed to the advancement of women in the workplace, and a diverse and inclusive environment.

Committee Goals.

  1. Cultivate successful tactics for gender equity in healthcare organization.
  2. Curate resources for organizational implementation to advance gender equality.
  3. Approach difficult conversations regarding gender equality and create a space where others can bring their questions and conversation.
  4. Connect industries together learn from one another and create meaningful change.


An organization will appoint one representative to serve on the council. This individual commits to:

  • Attend quarterly virtual IC meetings
  • Attend quarterly virtual Advisory Board Meetings
  • Develop and Execute Yearly Roundtables
  • Attend in person roundtables at LeadHERship Summit
  • Serve a 2 year term.


Inaugural Dues are $2500/ year for a two (2) year commitment.

Thank you to our Industry Council Members!