Many businesses will NOT comeback after COVID. It will not depend on their size or industry or even cash reserves. History has shown through numerous economic depressions and recessions that a certain type of leadership and a particular style of marketing communication creates corporate winners again and again. Join this seminar with Tanya Abreu, Healthcare Marketing Strategist for more than 30 years, for a colorful and practical look at companies past and present who upset economic odds and obstacles to emerge stronger than ever. Gather ideas and strategies for your COVID COMEBACK success story.

Tanya Abreu

Health care evangelist, fundraiser, strategic planner, and international healthcare industry expert, Tanya has 30+ years of experience in healthcare marketing innovation and the turnkey syndication of profitable healthcare business models.

Her expertise in building active networks of clinical providers and healthcare organizations around a unified message or cause is unparalleled in the industry. From the planning of the first network of freestanding breast health centers in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area while with Magee-Womens Hospital and the establishment of more than 75 model women’s health education and primary care clinics around the world through Magee Womancare International and USAID to the more than 15 years of experience with Spirit Health Network, a strategic marketing company that she co-founded creating networks of women’s specialty programs at U.S. Hospitals, Tanya Abreu focuses on the power of scalability, patient experience, provider engagement, and efficiency in healthcare.

She is a much sought after public speaker, author, social media personality, and consultant who believes that great healthcare should be ridiculously easy to get and the personal journey to better health should always feel good never guilty.

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