Patient Room Technology and Safety:

Patient Safety is essential to Care Excellence, and technological advances can contribute to delivering a positive patient experience that also improves safety for patients and clinicians, as well as the organization. In this interactive webinar, we will provide information and insights on healthcare and “smart” or sentient patient room trends, technological advances and their safety implications, so that safety is enhanced, risk mitigated, and patients and clinicians are provided an optimal environment for healing.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this webinar, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss current trends in hospital patient rooms and care environments.
  2. Relate 3 different technologies with their patient safety impact.
  3. Discuss why technology alone does not result in patient safety – the implications for healthcare leaders.
Target Audience:
  • Administration
  • Clinical
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Patient Safety


Katie McCone, Healthcare Technology Director, JCI  

Katie Mccone joined JCI in 2015 and works nationally as the Healthcare Technology Director.Katie is dedicated to improving patient experience and clinical outcomes by providing digital transformation and integrating technology during large hospital capital projects. In 2020, she served on the JCI COVID taskforce establishing additional bed capacity for hospitals and cities.

Katie brings her passion for healthcare to enable hospital project teams in the following areas:

  • Guide technology decisions to construct a smarter, more optimized digital hospital
  • Create an integrated approach with one point of contact for technology design and implementation
  • Provide Healthcare Design/Assist services that increase the impact of  technology and digital transformation on staff workflows, patient experience and clinical optimization.

Katie is dedicated to guiding hospitals to achieve new levels of digital transformation while improving KPIs, patient and clinician safety and patient experience. Katie is recognized as a transformational leader that breaks down department silos to develop technology roadmaps that impact the entire organization.

A frequent speaker at healthcare and innovation conferences, Katie shares her passion for healthcare technology and digital integration. She has presented to organizations such as: TSHE (TriState Society of Healthcare Engineers), Healthcare Mastermind series, Junior League of Annapolis and AIA (American Institute of Architects).

An active Board member, Katie has contributed to her community by serving on multiple nonprofit boards. Her commitment to healthcare is evidence through her participation as the Women in Healthcare DC Board member (2018), Baltimore Board member (2019-2020) and National Industry Board member (2021). Katie has also served on the Make-A-Wish Advisory Board and is the Junior League of Annapolis Past-President.

Katie received her Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. She is currently attending Johns Hopkins University for her MBA in Healthcare Administration, Innovation and Technology.

JoAnne Scalise MS-Patient Safety Leadership, RN

JoAnne Scales joined Johnson Controls in 2021 as Healthcare Technology Solutions Manager, with a nursing and Patient Safety leadership career spanning over 30 years.

JoAnne is committed to and passionate about patient, clinician, and organization safety, particularly as it relates to Health Information Technology and clinical care. Her clinical experience includes Trauma, neonatal intensive care, poison center, and high technology pediatric home care, and has expertise in business consulting and executive leadership consulting and coaching for transformation, and as a national leader in home infusion and nutrition, patient safety, and health information technology. She is recognized as a high-performance credible healthcare leader for thought and action leadership at all levels of highly matrixed partner healthcare organizations and vendors, with a record of ethical management, team development and leadership through crisis situations and reorganization. She has developed and operationalized a number of programs focused on care excellence, including a Clinical Optimization Program for improved Health IT adoption, communication, patient and clinician safety and satisfaction, with quantified outcomes from presales to implementation, production, and clinical adoption.

An experienced, engaging and consistently highly rated large group presenter, she has presented and published on a variety of topics, including clinical program development, communication for safe outcomes, managing and preventing clinical workarounds in Health IT, Patient Safety through nurse leadership, managing quality and leading change, ensuring quality across departments to improve specimen handling. Communicating with the Nursing Suite has been a repeated requested topic for regional and local Clinical Lab Manager groups. Invited topics also include Protecting your Culture of Safety and Ensuring Nurse Quality in the Nurse-Managed Pre-Analytic Specimen Collection Phase, Reasoned Root Cause Analysis, and others. Additional national and regional groups for both presentations and poster contributions include Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Lab Quality Confab, American Nurses Association, Nursing Manager Congress, North Carolina HIMSS Regional Meeting, National Association for Home Care (NAHC), National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), American Association of Poison Control Centers, American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, Clinical Laboratory Management Association and national user group meetings.

JoAnne received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her Master of Science in Patient Safety Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine and is continually learning in order to be of service to the sacred trust of healthcare.

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