Letting go of things that are out of control allows us to release tension, fear and anxiety prevalent during these times.   By accessing your inner peace, natural guidance system you will free yourself from worry and stress.  This 15 minute guided meditation will support you in releasing what you can not control and assist  you in accessing a calm state, quiet mind and overall feeling of well being.


Brought to you by:

Denise and Michael of Alchemy

Alchemy:  The Soul of Transformation

Organizational Consciousness

Enlightened Leadership

Business Alchemy


Sacred Journeys



“A power or process that transforms something in a mysterious or miraculous way”


Alchemy was formed in 2016 as a vehicle to teach, share and support people through the stresses of life.  The Founders, Denise Gindhart and Michael Firsow met while building an Ashram in India.  Denise lived in Philadelphia and Michael was a Hindu Monk. Their friendship was based on deep love.  Both Densei and Michael were on separate paths living on different sides of the world, yet fate brought them together and they have been inseparable ever since.

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