Trust Changes Everything

Trust Changes Everything- Strengthening Self Trust while Inspiring Others Multiple studies have shown that trust is a major factor in the development and performance of collaborative teams. “High-trust” teams perform significantly more efficiently than “low-trust” teams. You’ll hear practical advice for anyone who desires to work in high-trust environments. Covey’s observation that “trust changes everything” […]

Webinar Series: Black Perspectives in Healthcare Virtual Panel

Black Perspectives in Health: A panel of powerful senior level Black women in healthcare speak about their journey and answer questions from others. Hear about the barriers they faced and continue to face being a Black women in healthcare today. Come together to have the tough conversations, and learn how we can all be a […]

Achieving Net Zero Energy Goals in Hospitals Post COVID-19

This webinar brings together three professionals who have dedicated their careers to making hospitals better for the planet while maintaining health standards for occupants. During this event, they will discuss how the industry can continue pushing for energy efficient hospitals that push design standards while still maintaining safe air quality to avoid the spread of […]

Measuring Success- Mental Health Benefits of Daily Routines and Rewards

As we move back into the workplace environment- or remain in WFH mode- ROUTINE can be the first and most important ingredient for your daily success. Join us and learn how keeping routines will help you create multiple “wins”, is a powerful way to kick-start a great day, incorporate self-care, and manage your time more […]

The New ROI – The Powerful Return on Imagination

Summary: Many businesses will NOT comeback after COVID. It will not depend on their size or industry or even cash reserves. History has shown through numerous economic depressions and recessions that a certain type of leadership and a particular style of marketing communication creates corporate winners again and again. Join this seminar with Tanya Abreu, […]

The Humanity of Leading: Leadership During a Time of Crisis

A Fireside Chat with Phyllis Goetz, Texas Chapter President & President of Kimball The journey to leadership is not always easy. There are successes and failures. Along the way our career takes turns and gives us moments of reflection. When we encounter a crisis, our next step is often our best guess. How do we […]

Webinar: State of the Union: Landscape Scan of the Latest Trends in Health Care

This year’s presentation explores the biggest challenge of our time, COVID-19. Beyond the immediate impact of the pandemic—this presentation will explore the implications of other—potentially major market shifts as policymakers and private-sector players demonstrate increasing receptivity to disruptive solutions aimed at tackling the industry’s affordability crisis—including growing support for government intervention. Presented by: Advisory Board […]

Members Meditation- Acceptance and Grace

Acceptance is one of the greatest tools in finding our inner sanctuary that lives deep inside of each of us.  Through this guided meditation we will journey into our heart where we will allow the inner grace to heal, transform and soften the chaos in our lives.  Acceptance is freedom from being affected by the […]

Members Meditation – Letting go of things out of our control

Letting go of things that are out of control allows us to release tension, fear and anxiety prevalent during these times.   By accessing your inner peace, natural guidance system you will free yourself from worry and stress.  This 15 minute guided meditation will support you in releasing what you can not control and assist  you […]

Beyond Mindfulness Workshop

The intention of this program is for participant to experience the following outcomes: Promote wellness and joy Be inclusive to anyone regardless of previous experience with yoga, breathing techniques or meditation Provide an experiential format for the participants, as opposed to a classroom setting Offer tools and practices to apply in everyday life Be grounded […]